Styrofoam Peaks

This work was inspired from a simple styrofoam block.

In this project I used my iPad to scan the block to create a 3D model that I could use to make a world terrain in Mozilla Hubs.

This project demonstrates how you can use LiDAR to 3D scan physical objects to create an immersive world scene.

I am still very new to 3D scanning. View all of my 3D Scans from my gallery on SketchFab.

View tips on How to scan 3D using LiDar on iPhone & iPad.

View the Experience in Hubs

Visit this peaceful and gentle landscape inside of Mozilla Hubs.

View a 360 video of the aurora borealis scaled to world size to provide the atmospheric effect of being in the northern hemisphere and observing the experience.

The lighting, snow and fog were added using the particle effects and scene properties in the Mozilla Spoke Editor.

3D Models - LiDAR Scanning

I captured the model using the LiDAR sensor on my iPad Pro 12 with the 3DScannerApp. The top surface of this block was great for creating the world terrain in a Mozilla Hubs scene.

I imported the model into Blender open source software used for 3D modeling and animation and applied a surface sub-division modifier on the mesh to reduce the number of vertices.

I edited the mesh and extruded the peaks in the surface of the model to resemble mountains.