NWelearn Conference 2021

Create VR Classrooms using Hubs by Mozilla

April 9th, 2021

Creating VR Classrooms using Mozilla Hubs, Presented by Sage Freeman and Monica Marlo-MG

Session Abstract

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Join us in a virtual exploration in Hubs by Mozilla. Together we will explore this virtual environment where students can meet and collaborate in 3D using a computer, smartphone or VR Headset. Share your computer screen, interact with 3D models, draw on a whiteboard, and communicate with others using voice and chat. Hubs is extremely user friendly. Join us for a fun and interactive experience as we introduce you to Hubs by Mozilla.

Session Outcomes

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  • Understand key concepts for educators about Immersive Environments

  • Create a virtual classroom in Hubs by Mozilla

  • Gain basic skills for interacting with others in Hubs

  • Come away with with key resources for getting started and further exploration of Immersive Environments for educators

Session Audience

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Hubs by Mozilla VR could be used for office hours, study groups, group discussions, or even conducting class outside the usual Zoom. This session can apply to any academic or career technical discipline.

NWeLearn 2021 - Create VR Classrooms using Hubs by Mozilla