Starfield Beats

This scene was inspired by another scene in Hubs titled SosBots HeadQuarters.

I used a sample of the music track from an artist on SoundCloud to loop the playback and add some playfulness into my scene.

Included is screen recording of the experience in Mozilla Hubs.

View the experience in Hubs

Teleport into this spaceship and bounce to the beats while you traverse the galaxy in search of playful life forms.

This example demonstrates how you can animate a world scene to evoke a sense of excitement or emotion.

3D Models Remixed

The spinning planet and animated flame models used in my scene are hosted on the SketchFab website. The spaceship model is hosted on the Google Poly website.

You can search and import models from these websites directly inside of the Mozilla Spoke editor.


MAXVALUE32 - 1433519337
Music by SosBots Records
Apr 18, 2021